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5 specific software programs.

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Put your own domain and your competitors' domains into this software and see how you stack up against them.
With this information, you can easily create a plan of attack to overcome your competitors and they'll never know what hit them!
You can even work at page level... Meaning, instead of just the domain, you can check a specific page against your own page.
You'll quickly learn that this is an extremely powerful tool and why it actively sales for $67 in the marketplace, while you will receive it for FREE!


Link Swarm is the Swiss army knife of helper tools. Many of these tools help with OTP site creation. Fourteen custom software programs built into one mega-program! As marketers, we are always running into little things that cause us grief and a whole lot of manual work. Now, with LINK SWARM, we have a single program that can take the work and grief out of those little things that have plagued us all for so long!
Do in seconds what it used to take hours to get done!


Ever wonder why you send an email, and it lands in the spam/junk folder?
Inbox Consultant helps you quickly put an end to that.
Your emails have trigger-words in them. Those words affect your overall 'delivery-score,' and now, in seconds, you can find those words and modify as needed so that you have the absolute best delivery score that you can achieve!
* Filter out spam ‘trigger’ words and phrases before emailing your subscribers.
* Get better inbox delivery and superior open rates.
* Simply run your email through the software first.


This program is pure gold...
We all try to rank well in YouTube, and sometimes YouTube will trick us and give us a great position immediately, and then take it away a few days later.
Now you can put an end to that! - You lose your position because YouTube comes back to see if you are tagging your video with the keywords it wants you to tag with.
Just looking at competitor tags won't help... You have to dig deep into the code to find all of the keyword tags that YouTube really associates with that video and TrueTags does that for you in seconds!
Add those keywords to your video tags and description and you're odds of obtaining and keeping high positioning will increase exponentially!


We all need relevant keywords, and sometimes we need a massive volume of keywords that begin at relevant and expand to LSI and loop back to relevant. This is how you get the keywords that places like Google are really wanting to see together, and you can get volumes of these great keywords! Not only that, but there are 'modifiers' built directly into this specific tool that take it to the highest possible level! Other people are paying upwards of $97 to get keyword tools that don't even come close to comparing with this one! But you are getting this for FREE!


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  2. Using the link/button below will take you to a software membership sales page.

  3. Scroll down to the "buy button" section and click the GREEN order button (not the blue one)

  4. On that order form, there are 4 different purchase options. Select the FREE option, Fill/Submit the order form.

  5. Two things will happen...
    [A] You will be taken to a download page to download a software control panel that includes all 5 of these programs.
    [B] A license code will be emailed to you.

  6. Download/Install the software, and when you open it, your license will be valid for those five programs!

Just select them from the list of software options and follow instructions from there.


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Tips'n tricks how to improve search ranking with VIDEO

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